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Why some of us don’t enjoy New Years Eve

Whether you love it, or loathe it, New Year’s Eve is often hyped up as the biggest celebration of the year.

And while critics may put their distaste for the event down to the unrealistic expectations it generates, a psychologist has revealed that deeper, subconscious feelings may be at play.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Australian clinical director at MindMovers Psychology, Jaimie Bloch, explained why many of us don’t look forward to bringing in the New Year, and how the date can be better approached. 


The end-of-year period can generate additional pressures which aren’t present during the rest of the year, Ms Bloch said.

There may be an increased demand to finalise a work project by the end of the year, which increases anxiety levels as time runs out. 

But there can also be a variety of new pressures that stem from our personal lives as we draw nearer to NYE. 

‘These stressors may include managing money … planning NYE, as well as holiday related schedules with the added stress of managing more interpersonal relationships than usual,’ Ms Bloch said. 


NYE’s association with a fresh start can cause people to start feeling anxious about change on the horizon.

‘The symbolism of NYE may increase levels of worry and anxiety for some, due to the pressure and anticipation of potential behaviour change related goals,’ Ms Bloch said. 

A diet overhaul, potential career switch or a promise to make other lifestyle changes can increase anxiety levels as the year’s finale draws near.   


‘Not only are there high expectations around the night of NYE, but there also exists the added expectation of being happy, fun and connected to others,’ Ms Bloch said. 

The behavioural expert added that the gathering of people during the holiday period can potentially highlight any existing feelings of social isolation, or a conflict with a family member or friend.  

In turn, NYE can exaggerate feelings such as sadness, loneliness, anger and grief, Ms Bloch said.  


Despite the cliche, it rings true that those who expect too much are often disappointed, Ms Bloch said.  

‘A big reason why there is a large number of people who no longer enjoy celebrating NYE is the let-down many feel after the night, as well as feelings of worry prior,’ Ms Bloch said. 

‘Research into why there is such a big phenomenon of disappointment linked to NYE found that people who had spent a lot of time planning and preparing, and anticipated enjoying the celebrations, were the most likely to feel the most disappointed.’


Ms Bloch said that keeping a lid on your expectations for NYE is the first step to better enjoying the night.

She added: ‘This doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t have fun. 

‘If your expectations of the evening are low, you are more likely to exceed them, which will then have a positive influence on your overall enjoyment and happiness for the evening.’ 

Ms Bloch also encouraged people to not place too much pressure on themselves to complete all their goals by the end of the year.  

‘There is no such thing as perfection. Take time out to breathe – the less stress you have, the more enjoyment you can experience during this busy time of the year,’ she concluded.

Original article posted on the DailyMail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5196967/The-REAL-reason-dont-like-New-Years-Eve.html#ixzz56C2feVtN F

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