The teen years can be a time of disconnection, confusion and challenges. Teenagers today have a lot to contend with: technology, the modern landscape, school, family and friendship pressure, as well as figuring out their identity.

We believe that when a teenager feels confident and believes that they can channel their own internal and external voice, energies and ideas into their own lives and into the lives of those around them, they feel better, make smarter and wiser choices and can cope with the ups and downs of life easier.

Adolescent Groups

At MindMovers Psychology, we also run dedicated groups to help coach, mentor and support your teen in a friendly and safe environment. We believe that change does not happen in isolation and that in order for teens to feel confident and comfortable with themselves, their experience and the world, they need to feel connected to their peers. When children and teenagers are able to maintain and establish healthy relationships, behaviour patterns and beliefs, they can strive for their true potential. Our groups cover a range of topics and ideas. Here are just a few ideas, concepts and areas that we target:

Tools for teens

Study Skills for High school and beyond

Mindfulness and stress management

Empowered Teens

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