More Than Just a Workshop

The vision of MindMovers Psychology is to build empowered and self-efficacious change for individuals, families and communities experiencing emotional, relational or psychological difficulties.

The MindMovers team is equally as passionate about preventative work and creating programs that support long-term skill building and strengthening to promote healthy emotional and mental wellbeing. We have years of experience running and creating bespoke programs for private clients, schools and corporations. Our Psychologists create tailored workshop experiences that are developed based on extensive research into empowerment dynamics and evidence-based research.

Corporate Workshops


Our MindEQ program is a corporate emotional and wellness program designed to support companies learn stress management skills and focusing techniques to be more effective during the workday. The content in our MindEQ program can be tailored and customised to suit different learning and skill building outcomes. This is no average emotional wellness program – by the end of the course, you and your team will have tangible skills to implement in their daily lives.

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School Workshops

Tools for Teachers

Our workshops are practical in nature and focus on helping parents and teachers build foundational understanding and tangible skills. Our focus is to help parents and teachers feel more empowered to handle and support children to be more authentic in their interactions with others and express clearly how they are feeling rather than falling into unhelpful patterns of reaction.

Our keynote speeches and workshops in schools are aimed at boosting confidence and strengthening relationships for parents, teachers, students and staff. Our aim is to support those who attend our workshops to gain insight into how to practically apply the tools and strategies we teach into their daily lives. We believe that information is power and that when parents and teachers have easy to follow step-by-step approaches to help children, we can create a more connected, joyful and supportive daily dynamic for our community and family.

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Parenting Workshops

Inspire and connect

We know at MindMovers Psychology how important the role of parenting is in shaping our children’s future. This responsibility and role can feel overwhelming at the best of times.

Parents can feel lost as to where to turn for information on how to support their children grow into healthy, responsible and connected adults. The internet is loaded with lots of mismatched and conflicting information on best parenting approaches.

Our parenting workshops and online programs aim to provide parents with evidence-based and science-backed real world applicable skills and information. We help parents learn how to support their children. We explore how to be the scaffolding for your child in an empowered and empathetic way. We explore why understanding our own emotions, stories and beliefs as parents are so important when our children are learning how to cope with feelings of distress and resolve life’s difficulties. Our parenting courses will leave you with real-world skills to help transform your families into more connected, joyful and empowered relationships.

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