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We specialise in helping parents, children and families reach their full potential by providing a safe space to learn the skills and mindset to feel empowered and connected in their lives.

Founded in 2015 by Jaimie Bloch, MindMovers Psychology was created based on the ideology that we change together rather than in isolation. We specialise in group intervention and child, adolescent, family and adult therapy. The team at MindMovers are passionate about making psychology a fun, interactive and engaging experience.

“The emotional landscape in today’s world for children, teens and parents can be hard to navigate. It is so easy for miscommunication, or no communication at all! MindMovers Psychology was founded to become a safe space where we could work hard on supporting our clients to feel empowered, feel heard and develop their own healthy and connected voice. If I have one message for the children and teens of the world: Don’t be discouraged from connecting and sharing your thoughts and feelings, even if you can’t find the words. Connecting to others and feeling connected back to, will always feel better than being alone in our thoughts and emotions.

My philosophy is that knowledge is power. I believe that the knowledge we can learn and gather about ourselves, our brains and others can empower us to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.”

MindMovers Psychology

The MindMovers Model

What We Do

Psychological wellbeing is an important part of having a balanced, healthy and joyful life. It influences the extent to which we thrive in our relationships with our partner, children, family, friends or colleagues. The team at MindMovers work dynamically to address the underlying issues with their clients, enabling them to learn not only the skills being taught, but to also embrace their own unique inner potential.

We are passionate and enthusiastic about helping youth and the benefit of using a combination of group, individual and family work to meet this aim. The MindMovers model is developed based on the needs of clients, and is continually updated to meet current best practices in psychological interventions, as well as ensuring the learning is a fun and exciting process for clients.

Group Therapy

Why Groups?

At MindMovers we believe change does not happen in isolation and that in order for children to feel confident and comfortable with themselves, their experiences and the world, they need to feel connected to peers. We focus on teaching our clients how to feel empowered and have the tools to navigate the ups and downs of their own life journeys. The interactions within the group give each member the opportunity to feel normalised and have fun while noticing their unhelpful behaviour patterns and practise healthier ways of interacting. 

Child Groups
Adolescent Groups

Our Team

Minds Move Better Together

Our therapists work hard to support child and teen clients feel in control, in charge and empowered in their own therapeutic journey. At MindMovers Psychology we treat each client as part of our family and truly care about their outcomes. When you come to MindMovers Psychology we can promise you that we will always go the extra mile. Each of our therapists have their own expertise and we always work on making sure clients are matched to the right clinician.

Meet Our Experts

So much more than therapy!

As a dynamic and innovative psychology practice, we offer so much more than just therapy.

We run workshops for parents, schools and corporate teams. We also provide online courses, have an interactive social media community and frequently speak at events to bring the ideology of our practice to families around the globe.

“You can be empowered to live a joyful and connected life!”

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