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Minds Move Better Together

A Bit About Us

MindMovers Psychology is a Sydney based Psychology Clinic that specialises in helping parents, children and families reach their full potential by providing a safe space to learn the skills and mindset to feel empowered and connected in their lives.

The team at MindMovers Psychology are passionate about making psychology a fun, interactive and engaging experience. Psychological wellbeing is an important part of having a balanced, healthy and joyful life! It influences the extent to which we thrive in our relationships with our partner, children, family, friends or colleagues.

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MindMovers Psychology

The MindMovers Model

What We Do

The MindMovers model is developed based on the needs of clients, and is continually updated to meet current best practices in psychological interventions, as well as ensuring the learning is a fun and exciting process for clients. The MindMovers team are passionate and enthusiastic about helping youth and the benefit of using a combination of group, individual and family work to meet this aim.

Our Services

Individual Therapy

We use a range of different evidence-based modalities which are customised to suit each individual client’s unique needs and wants.

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Parent & Family Therapy

We know that in order for long-lasting change, it is important for a whole family approach to therapy.

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Group Therapy

We run groups dedicated to helping coach, mentor and support your child in a friendly, fun and safe environment.

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We create programs that support long-term skill building and strengthening to promote healthy emotional and mental wellbeing.

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Meet Our Team

The MindMovers Team

We've got you covered with our growing team of incredible Psychologists!

Meet the rest of the team
Jaimie Bloch

J Jaimie Bloch


K Kerry Gordon


S Scott King

MindMovers Psychology

The Right Match

Find The Right Psychologist

Research into effective therapy has found that whilst the treatment approach is important, the most important factor in desirable treatment outcomes is the relationships between the therapist and the client. This is why our number one focus during intakes and ongoing therapy is to make sure our clients are cared for, supported and feel they have the right therapist. At MindMovers Psychology, we know how important it is to find the right fit to support our clients which is why we have a specialised system during our phone intakes to support you in finding the right clinician.

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MindMovers Toolkit

Online resources
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