At MindMovers Psychology, we understand the most important part of change is feeling supported while experiencing a genuine connection with your therapist. We believe that behind every client is a huge network of people who are equally important and necessary pieces to the puzzle of change. We treat each client as part of our family, truly care about their outcomes and will always go the extra mile to support our clients in feeling empowered in their own therapeutic journey. Our clinicians have their own skills and expertise which is why we ensure our clients are matched to the right clinician.

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Jaimie Bloch

J Jaimie Bloch


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A Angela Stanojevic

A Amy Hersch

K Kim Morris


J Jamie Mohay

The Right Match

Find The Right Psychologist

At MindMovers Psychology, we know how important it is to find the right fit to support our clients. We have a specialised system during our phone intakes to support you in finding the right clinician. This process involves our trained reception staff asking a series of questions about you or your child’s current challenges, your child’s temperament, past experiences in therapy and your own thoughts around what you are looking for in a therapist. At MindMovers Psychology, our level of care for our clients is of the uttermost importance. Our attention and focus is always the client/clinician relationship and finding your right match.

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Things to keep in mind

*Statistics via the seven year Youth Mental Health Report – 2012-2018 by Mission Australia in association with Black Dog Institute


of families are perfect. Be kind to yourself, perfection doesn’t exist!


of children and teens deserve to feel empowered and reconnected in their lives.


of mental health issues develop before the age of 25*


of young Australians struggle to cope with stress*